About us

We are a startup created with the objective of developing technologies capable of improving the quality of life and longevity of human beings.

We work in different areas such as:

  • Research on health, sport and nutrition
  • Development of technologies applied to health
  • Development of bioinformatics algorithms
  • Artificial intelligence


Our technologies

Through intense research activity and highly skilled professionals, we have developed an algorithm capable of interpreting DNA data and producing highly effective reports for physicians and healthcare professionals. This algorithm called TRCPR18 is used internationally, including through our FullDNA brand.

Transceptar Lab

Experience the change

Everything in the world is constantly changing. Genes mutate, as do viruses and diseases. We believe that in the same way technology must also change, improving every second, accompanying and understanding the mutations of the existing world, in order to enable humankind to live a life with more quality and longevity.


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Our algorithm

Our TRCPR18 Algorithm

To develop our algorithm we counted on a privileged team of researchers and scientists for years, but we also have a factor that we have gradually discovered to be of essential importance: the perfect synchronism. Not just the timing of work, of information, but the timing of nature, the perfection of our bodies, our cells, our DNAs. All the answers are in ourselves and thanks to the advance of science and technology, both working in the same tuning, we will reach even further.

Our TRCPR18 Algorithm is capable of analyzing millions of genomic information through different databases, publications and research centers spread across the globe. Today's information travels fast and we can provide reports of very high accuracy for physicians and researchers in a short time. 

Artificial Intelligence

When we talk about Artificial Intelligence, people often frighten, thinking that robots could take over their lives, dominate the world and take their jobs. However, Artificial Intelligence is not an enemy, it is one of the greatest allies that exist for all living beings on this planet. The human mind is truly fantastic, but we have to accept that we have limits and one of these limits is how much we know and explore our brains. For you to better understand how artificial intelligence is one of our greatest allies. Here is an example: with great skill and luck a person can catch a fish with his own hands, but his intelligence made him develop fishing rods and nets. Just as a human can with a shovel make a big hole, but his intelligence made him create excavators to perform the service faster and more safely. Thus Transceptar sees Artificial Intelligence, as a tool capable of optimizing the actions of our brains, allowing a spectacular advance in the area of ​​health, technology and many others.


DNA stores billions of information, as a "Technical Manual" of every human being. Researchers at leading universities and research centers around the world are increasingly evolving in the study and interpretation of genes. 

In recent years we have heard a lot about Predictive Medicine, in which doctors and health professionals are dedicated on improving the quality of life of their patients, knowing what habits, activities, foods and changes should be adopted in order to avoid predisposed diseases.

This is exactly where Transceptar Technologies works, through our tests, we have been able to transform this "Technical Manual" that is the human DNA in an "Instruction Manual" of each individual, informing, through detailed reports, the predispositions of each person in develop diseases and specific medical conditions, based on a personalized and comparative study of genes.

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